7 Marketing Trends in the Canadian Medical Marijuana Industry

by MMJHype
May 23, 2017

This post provides some general observations on the current medical marijuana industry in Canada under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). These observations are meant to be informational to the Canadian medical cannabis industry. This information has been presented at two separate cannabis business conferences since 2014.

  1. Producer Focused Brands
    • All of the brands are focused on building a producer brand and not a product focused brand.
  2. Packaging Observation
    • The majority of licensed producers use a variation on the familiar screw top (pill bottle) containers projecting the image of a major pharmaceutical company.
  3. Educational Partnerships
    • Majority of licensed producers have some form of educational component in their strategy.
  4. “Big Pharma” Look & Feel
    • Majority of licensed producers have adopted similar brand identities to that of major pharmaceutical companies.
  5. Free Sample & Initial Signup Incentives
    • Common practice in the pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Quantitative Measurement Tactics
    • Because licensed producers are unable to display photos of narcotics on their public-facing websites due to advertising regulations; the tactic of displaying the THC%/CBD% profile in large bold text suggesting this is a measure of quality is commonplace.
  7. Direct to Doctor Advertising
    • MMJ Hype offers a DTDA service in Canada. Our list is comprised solely of physicians specializing in fields associated with the prescribing of medical cannabis.