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Cannabis horticulture in Space

by Kelly Williamson
October 4, 2019

Innovation in space technology leads the way for agricultural improvements

When cannabis was offhandedly referred to as a weed ages ago, no one thought that horticulture experiments would happen in space! U.S. company Space Tango (www.SpaceTango.com) which is growing cannabis plants in a “CubeLab” module on the International Space Station. Limited Real estate on the ISS makes this a revolutionary technology. 

The Kentucky based company will be sending up “clean room” laboratories in a microwave-sized box.

It’s the responsibility of the scientists on the ISS to grow and record the progress of the plants in their controlled environments. This is revolutionary for the growing of agriculture in space especially if we take into account the limited availability of room in the space station.   

This is a huge game changer. Considering that in late 2018 the US Federal government also legalized the production of industrial hemp. This is the new frontier when it comes to researching medicine and the effects of growth on the cannabis plant in space is unprecedented.This means that there is ample opportunity available.

Their idea is not to grow marijuana for recreational purposes but rather observing the effects of growth rate of the plant without the stressed of gravitational pressure. 

Space Tango plans to test plant with less than .03% THC.

This means these plants are non-psychoactive and more CBD focused. This research reveals to us whether hemp can grow even better in space. They hope major discoveries will become obvious in the research and will be of great humanitarian benefit. 

While Space Tango is not the only company to take up space horticulture in the ISS,  they are the one of the few currently sending seeds to the station and testing them in unique/safe environments. 

It’s important to note that  is NOT a weed company but develops and markets software solutions for application on earth. It’s only in recent years that they have put an eye on space research and development.

According to their Website, SpaceTango has completed 10 missions, they have delivered 64 payloads and have conducted 104 experiments with more to come. A quick glance at their websites’ home page shares some interesting videos on what to expect in relation to growing Cannabis.

SpaceTango has run an experiment like this before.

Anheuser-Busch, a beer company, is working with Space Tango to determine the effects of growth on barley in a microgravity environment. You can see a small time-lapse of this experiment on the front page of their website.

The research will last for a while we believe, and it is still to early to understand what the conclusion of this excursion will be.  Regardless of the results, this is one small step for man, and one large step for cannabis. And who knows, maybe you’ll be buying space grown product from us in the future.