Cannabis Producers Require a Unique Approach to Marijuana Marketing in Canada

by MMJHype
June 7, 2017

The current Canadian marijuana industry conditions are presenting creative cannabis marketing opportunities. Canadians can now access marijuana for medicinal purposes from authorized producers who are currently following new supply and distribution systems as regulated by Health Canada. The industry will soon see more and more producers come into the market to vie for their share of the new health alternative.

With so much competition coming to the market, those licensed producers who recognize building a brand is critical to stay ahead of the curve are seeking advertising agencies for help, however, many of the traditional big box agencies lack the knowledge and expertise required in this unique marketing space.

An agency that is currently making significant leaps ahead in this industry is MMJHype who has been partnering with cannabis producers since 2014. They have been active in a variety of digital marketing strategies for many companies in this milieu and now specialize in creating memorable brands for their clientele.

MMJHype’s new online presence outlines their expertise and offerings but the site also proposes exclusive medical cannabis marketing solutions for marijuana producers. The company is well-versed with all the current Health Canada regulations regarding cannabis marketing services, marketing laws and cannabis advertising.

With many medical marijuana producers now open for business, and more on the way, the demand for a distinctive marketing agency like MMJHype is required to compete. Engaging their customer experience and being active on social media platforms will be critical.

‘Medical cannabis consumers under current regulations may shop and order online (or by phone) and that is why a strong online presence is so important’ says MMJ Hype President, Maxwell Duchaine, ‘it’s also why building a unique brand that can creatively engage their customers and overcome competition will be critical, consumers turn to the internet for gathering information, so a strong website presence with an active search engine optimization campaign will help these licensed marijuana producers get closer to their consumers.’