MMJ Hype Provides Marketing Solutions for Licensed Medical Marijuana Producers in Canada

by MMJHype
August 11, 2014

MMJ Hype has created a digital marketing solution for medical marijuana producers in Canada. Connecting producers with doctors and patients in compliance with the strict advertising guidelines set by Health Canada.

Medical Marijuana has been found to have numerous benefits for a wide variety of commonly occurring diseases and conditions, as a result the drug can be prescribed to Canadians as a medical treatment in an effort to provide relief from their symptoms and help them manage their lives more easily.

To produce medical marijuana requires a license from Health Canada. These producers are liable for security necessities, reviews, and maintaining satisfactory production methods. Since marijuana is a narcotic, the advertising and promotional activities available to them are the same as those available to pharmaceutical companies in Canada. Licensed producers are also subject to some additional guidelines with regards to advertising by Health Canada under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

MMJ Hype is committed to providing a complete medical marijuana marketing solution for authorized and prospective licensed producers in Canada, and acts in complete compliance with Health Canada’s restrictions on advertising under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) and the Narcotics Control Regulation (NCR). As such, licensed producers can advertise and educate the public and health care professionals on their products without fear of reprisal from Health Canada.

A spokesperson for MMJ Hype explained, “We are here to ensure that licensed medical marijuana producers in Canada are able to make their businesses known to patients and healthcare practitioners without overstepping the firm boundaries put in place by Health Canada. We help them to maximize their visibility, connecting them with clients who need their services, and lifting the lid on a legitimate practice which is still affected by the stigma attached to illegal use. Equally, we hope to provide a medical marijuana public resource that educates the public about entitlement, eligibility and availability of medical marijuana, together with industry news and updates, to ensure people are fully informed and understand the reality of the current market. We want to help connect the producers with the people who need relief.”

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